A fusion of post-apocalyptic Rock n Roll style with an authentic old school twist, often reminiscing and influenced by the true rock Gods and fashion mavericks of yesteryear, such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop of The Stoogers, David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust and many more.

Designed in New York City and done with the upmost respect for great detailing, unbelievable attention to true craftsmanship and skills. The line comprises of both men and women styles often reflecting each other as gender neutral, therefore giving always the middle finger to society’s restriction and limitation on sexuality.

Maxime Cossoguy’s edgy Harlem New York City vibe is bold and refused to be ignored. In putting this rocked out collection together Maxime uses his influences in both music and fashion, striking the perfect notes and balance of sexiness. It is a full collection of several kind of pieces, including, JACKETS, SHIRTS, PANTS, JEANS, SWEATERS and DRESSES; all done with an unlimited attention to details and quality. A strong belief that couture styles work best when straight from the heart and street, where it is pure, voids of any monetary influences from the industry.

Being a visionary at heart, this season Maxime decided to add the surprise of the century by unveiling to his fans and celebrity clients to his new VEGAN STYLES. His VEGAN JACKETS, PANTS, SKIRTS and other pieces are exactly what the fashion market needed. The quality is second to none. The realness and soft feel of these beautiful styles have never been seen and done this well prior in the fashion industry. Maxime has spent years studying the behavior of real leather, to making sure his VEGAN LEATHER does not only behaves the exact same way but exceeds in several different areas. More beautiful, feels softer, last longer, fit better and to mention much sexier. His extensive celebrity followings could not have been any happier. Maxime finally gave all fashion lovers and vegans alike one more reason to wear his vegan styles without mentioning the all so obvious reason that is void of animal cruelty.

Maxime is a purist at heart and a hard working perfectionist, remaining always true to his core philosophy.


‘This is not what I do for a Living, this is what I live for”

                              MAXIME COSSOGUY: CEO/ CREATIVE DIRECTOR